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A flavour sensation

The rich variety of Italy on your plate and in your glass

The winding lanes and picturesque squares around Gardone Riviera hide culinary treasures that are waiting to be discovered. As a guest at Villa Capri, our lovely hotel on Lake Garda, you’ll have the extraordinary opportunity to embark on a flavour-rich journey and explore the area’s tempting restaurants.

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Restaurant recommendations around your hotel at Lake Garda

There’s so much to sample.

Just imagine yourself strolling along the charming streets adorned with perfumed flowers, while the waves of the lake gently lap against the shore. Tempting aromas of regional cuisine drift into your nose. Each restaurant tells its own story, shaped by their passion for traditional cooking and desire to spoil their guests.

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Restaurant recommendations around your hotel at Lake Garda

From exclusive to rustic

In the area’s exquisite gourmet restaurants, you’ll experience real culinary masterpieces, often inspired by the regional products found around the lake. From finely matched aromas to extraordinary textures, special culinary creations await your curious palate.

As a contrast, we recommend rustic trattorias that serve Italian cuisine with heart and soul. Down-to-earth, hearty, and wonderfully simple, the dishes let the flavours speak for themselves. Pair them with a glass of local wine, great company, and the amiable hosts, and you’ll experience a truly unmissable taste of Italy.

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Villa Capri’s dine-out tips

These restaurants have the Villa Capri seal of approval.
Tried, tested, and delicious.

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Around the corner (5-minute walk away from Villa Capri)

  • Ristorante Villa Fiordaliso | Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli 150

In Gardone Sopra (10- to 15-minute walk away from Villa Capri)

  • Trattoria Agli Angeli/Ai Pines | Via Dosso 7
  • Osteria Antico Brolo | Via Carere 10
  • Fiore di Zucca | Via Trieste 16

By the lake (10- to 15-minute walk away from Villa Capri)

  • Ristorante Wimmer | Piazza Wimmer 5
  • Ristorante Nicholas | Lungolago Gabriele D’Annunzio 18
  • Ristorante Balì | Lungolago Gabriele D’Annunzio 44
  • Ristorante Pizzeria Sans Souci | Vicolo al Lago 12
  • Ristorante La Taverna | Corso della Repubblica 34

A little further afield – reachable by car

  • Trattoria Marietta (Frazione Montecucco) | Via Ronciglio 32
  • Dimora Bolsone (Via Panoramica) | Via Panoramica 23
  • Osteria Casa Mia – Pierolì (S. Michele) | Via Val Sur 11 | S. Michele
  • Ristorante Pizzeria La Darsena | Via Bravi Eugenio 8 | Barbarano
  • Ristorante La Veranda (Hotel Spiaggia D’Oro) | Via Spiaggia D’Oro 15 | Barbarano

And after dinner?

After a delicious evening meal, return to Villa Capri, your favourite hotel at Lake Garda, where you can bring the evening to a close with a cocktail created by Sebastiano and Nadir or a digestif at the bar. Whatever you choose, you’ll remember these moments of culinary bliss for years to come. And don’t forget – even more delicious treats await you around the lake.

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